Arlington ZIP code VA

ARLINGTON County, VA Covers 28 ZIP Codes

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ARLINGTON County, VA Covers 28 ZIP Codes

ARLINGTON County, VA Covers 28 ZIP Codes
ZIP CodePopulationTimezoneArea Code(s)
ZIP Code 2220133,476Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 2220222,543Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 2220321,850Eastern571/703
ZIP Code 2220447,233Eastern703
ZIP Code 2220517,087Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 2220619,051Eastern703
ZIP Code 2220730,920Eastern571/703
ZIP Code 2220912,314Eastern571/703
ZIP Code 222100Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 22211648Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222120Eastern703
ZIP Code 222132,936Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222140Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222150Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222160Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222170Eastern703
ZIP Code 222190Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222250Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222260Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222270Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222300Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222400Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222410Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222420Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222430Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222440Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222450Eastern703/571
ZIP Code 222460Eastern703/571

Cities around Arlington VA

ARLINGTON County, VA Covers 2 Cities:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Fort Myer, VA

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